SGI Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety

NBS develops engineering solutions, markets and provides after-sales technical support for equipment for the water treatment, transportation and storage industry. With the implementation of the integrated management system, NBS aims to position itself as one of the leading references for excellence in the field of engineering solutions that promote the efficiency of industrial and environmental processes.

To this end, the following commitments are made:

  • To grow permanently and sustainably with maximum profitability based on continuous improvement of its performance and effectiveness of the integrated management system;
  • To ensure compliance with the requirements of the established system, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards;
  • To ensure compliance with contractual requirements, applicable legal requirements, internally defined environmental commitments, and others regarding safety and health at work;
  • To constantly improve customer trust and satisfaction indices, as well as the quality and competitiveness of the solutions presented;
  • To carry out construction works, market products and provide services that meet the needs and expectations of customers;
  • To promote training and information of employees on environmental and safety and health at work issues, including consulting them on related topics and raise awareness about inherent risks in activities, sensitizing them to compliance with environmental and safety standards;
  • To continuously sensitize employees to exercise the best environmental practices in their role and periodically communicate openly and transparently the evolution of organizational performance in this area;
  • To train, empower and raise awareness among employees regarding their tasks at the level of quality, environmental, safety and health at work, involving them in the company’s management objectives;
  • To protect facilities and equipment by adopting the best techniques, combined with monitoring and updating work procedures, in order to eliminate or minimize risks for employees, service providers and all individuals, third parties, who may come into contact with NBS insfrastructure;
  • To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, ensuring compliance with legislation as a minimum level of adequacy;
  • To adopt good environmental practices and the consequent minimization of environmental impacts resulting form it’s activities;
  • To apply the principles of packaging waste management, giving them appropriate final destinations;
  • To promote rational and effective use of natural resources, including pollution prevention;
  • To develop mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers;
  • To communicate to customers, suppliers and partners all the principles by which NBS Engineering and Construction, SA, is governed, with the purpose of contributing to global environmental awareness.

Aveiro, February 15, 2024

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