System used in WWTPs to maintain proper system operation.

Strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in processes.

Compact equipment that performs pre-treatment functions of wastewater.

Gradual approach to improving processes, products, or services to achieve better results over time.

Production of customized structures according to specific specifications or project requirements.

Process of conceiving or ideating, including planning and design, usually referring to the development of water related systems.

Achievement of optimized industrial operations, minimizing waste and environmental impacts.

Involvement of employees in individual and collective responsibilities, promoting awareness of their role.

Measures to optimize energy consumption in industrial processes.

Environmental certification, process to certify compliance with environmental standards and practices.

Provision of consulting services for environmental and regulatory issues.

Principle that seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

hydraulic structure for maintenance of grids or regulation gates.

Set of activities to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of equipment and facilities.

Processo responsável de gestão de resíduos de embalagens para minimizar impactos ambientais.

Use of new ideas, methods or technologies to create more effective solutions.

Irrigation processes that apply water and nutrients directly to the soil for plant growth.

Set of specific knowledge and skills used by the company to achieve results or solve problems.

Investment to control stormwater and reduce flood risks.

Production and installation of piping systems for water or other fluids.

System for biological treatment of wastewater in WWTPs.

Regular monitoring and review of work methods to ensure efficiency and safety.

Responsible process of managing packaging waste to minimize environmental impacts.

Services offered after the purchase of a product to ensure operability and resolve technical issues.

Strategy to keep equipment running properly, avoiding failures.

Strategies to reduce production costs and minimize the environmental impact of generations.

Established rules to ensure the protection of workers, facilities and operations in the workplace.

Equipment for separating sand and heavy sediments in wastewater.

Equipment for removal and compaction of solids in effluent.

Type of system for processing and drying sludge in wastewater treatment plants.

Use of the most advanced technologies available to perform activities or processes.

Process of improvement or upgrading of water treatment facilities.

Represents all activities from creation to delivery of a product or service to the end consumer.

Location where wastewater treatment occurs.

Facility for treating wastewater, removing impurities before returning it to the environmental.

Structures that store water for continuous supply or to meet peak demand.

Areas related to the use, treatment and management of water.

Processes and technologies to purify contaminated water, allowing for reuse.

Equipamento compacto que realiza funções de pré-tratamento de águas residuais.

Location where processes are carried out for water treatment. In this location, water is treated for consumption or specific uses, removing impurities.


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